Our Services

A selection of key services offered by Melbury Environmental includes:

Environmental Permitting expertise.

  • Apply, transfer, vary or surrender your environmental permit
  • Ensure on-going compliance to your permit conditions including the provision of environmental training for your staff
  • Develop a clear and straightforward environmental management system (EMS) to recognised international standards or organisational standards
  • Develop other bespoke documents to help you minimise your impact on the environment and comply with your permit conditions including for example an emissions management plan, best available technique (BAT) assessment, accident management plan, fire prevention plan, noise management plan and odour management plan
  • Undertake qualitative and quantitative environmental risk assessments (using the Environmental Agency’s H1 modeling tool) and identify and commission detailed air dispersion modeling if required



Support to new technology providers.

Melbury Environmental has worked with many innovators in the waste and resource management sector who are restricted from bringing their break-through technology or idea to market due to complex, confusing and seemingly restrictive regulatory requirements. We can help you:

  • Understand the legislative framework and clarify clearly how environmental regulations might apply to your process or process outputs
  • Build evidence regarding the level of environmental risk associated with your process. This might involve an emissions testing programme or engagement with key experts or universities who can independently verify your process
  • Engage successfully with regulators to help them determine how your process should be regulated. We get you talking to the right people quickly to ensure regulators have good evidence in their hands on which to base their decisions
  • Identify a need for further legal or technical assistance where required



Market and technical research.

We can help you determine what market opportunities there are for your technology or process outputs either in the UK or abroad. This may involve establishing the right contacts in a large corporation, new region or country for you to speak with; or designing and executing a telephone/ on-line survey to provide you with the market intelligence you need to make good commercial decisions.



Technical writing, editing and proof reading.

We can help you make your project engaging for decision makers, regulators and/ or investors. We offer copywriting services to re-draft your website or other marketing materials, write engaging presentations, business plans or technical reports. We distil complex scientific, legal or technical information into clear, easy to understand messages. We can also help your business successfully tender for new projects, win awards, or draft high quality reports on waste/ resource management related subjects.