Who We Are

Amy Wolff (neé Colson), Director

Amy Wolff (née Colson) has been in the waste and resource management sector since 2006, in a range of roles including in the Environment Agency, two large multi-disciplinary consultancies, notably RPS Group and WSP Group, in operational teams in clinical and hazardous waste management and as a consultant under her own steam.  She has specialised in submitting information on behalf of her clients to the Environment Agency and other regulators to help define regulatory routes forward for innovative projects.

Her 3 years as a technical advisor on the award winning, Waste Protocols Project in the Environment Agency, was a partnership project between WRAP, Defra, the Welsh Assembly Government and industry and was designed to help define when waste derived products cease to be waste and become useful products that can be used without regulatory red tape.  During this time she worked with industry experts to define the recycling potential of a huge range of materials such as: aggregates from inert waste; gypsum from waste plasterboard; incinerator bottom ash; tyre crumb and shred; non-packaging plastics; waste wood; and source segregated biodegradable waste from outputs of anaerobic digestate and composting.

Since starting out on her own, her most celebrated client are inventors of PyroPure® which is a registered trademark of PyroPure Ltd.  The PyroPure® technology is a micro-scale pyrolysis gasification system, which destroys a range of clinical wastes at the site of production whilst producing energy.  Amy has overseen a range of emission testing programmes on the process, working alongside UK specialist emission experts to establish the right regulatory mechanism for the technology.  This work triggered the Environment Agency to consult and publish a new Standard Rules Permit suitable for micro-scale technologies in the clinical waste sector – financially this has meant a 10 fold reduction in regulatory costs for deployment of new PyroPure® machines.

Since this time Amy has worked with a wide range of innovation and technology companies to help them understand environmental regulation and work through regulatory red tape. She also provides general environmental permitting services to help companies apply, transfer, vary or surrender their environmental permits as well as maintain an excellent compliance record.

Depending on the size and scope of a project, Amy either works solo or engages with a variety of highly trusted and talented associates. ‘It keeps costs down, productivity high and provides access to a wide range of technical and legal experts that are often needed in a complex project’.