Welcome to Melbury Environmental Providing sound advice across the environmental and resource management sector

Melbury Environmental Ltd is an environmental and resource management consultancy run by Amy Wolff (née Colson). Our work supports businesses to meet and exceed environmental regulatory requirements as well as make day-to-day operations more sustainable. We deal with the full range of environmental permitting inquiries, helping you run your business well and in compliance with the law..

Melbury Environmental is also a specialist in working with inventors of new technologies who want to find better ways to manage resources, treat waste or turn waste back into a resource whereby in legal terms waste management controls no longer apply. We have seen creative projects in the environmental sector being restricted by complex regulatory requirements. By helping business leaders navigate the legislative landscape and successfully liaise with regulators, Melbury Environmental has supported many innovators to ensure the right regulatory mechanisms are in place to enable their technology or idea to thrive.

Amy Wolff (née Colson) has worked in the waste and resource management industry since 2006. She has worked in the Environment Agency, for two large consultancy companies, in operational waste management and for a variety of new technology clients to help clarify legislation and find ways forward for innovative projects. Amy has offered free-lance consultancy since 2011.

A selection of key services offered by Melbury Environmental includes: